Troop 28’s 2021 elections are underway. If you are interested, please click here to download an application and return to Mr. Heftman by Friday May 14th.  If you need to review position descriptions and responsibilities, please click here.  Applications must be signed by scouts and parents, and scouts should also initial page 2.

IMPORTANT: All scouts are encouraged to apply for leadership positions that interest them and where they feel they can make the best contribution to the troop. There are some positions better suited to scouts who are able to regularly attend troop meetings, and others for scouts who prefer to contribute outside of troop activities.  If you are applying for a leadership position to satisfy leadership requirements for Star, Life, or Eagle rank, please makes sure you check the requirements in your handbook to understand which positions qualify. Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) does NOT qualify for any of these ranks; Bugler does not qualify for Eagle.

We are excited that many scouts in Troop 28 are interested in taking on roles of further responsibility. As in life, this offers the opportunity to make a higher impact and have greater learning, but also requires more effort and commitment.

Elections in Troop 28 involve ALL scouts.

  • Everyone who attends participates in voting in the election; that is part of citizenship.
  • Scouts who wish to take on additional positions of responsibility should familiarize themselves with the available leadership positions and submit a leadership application to the Scoutmaster (note: not all positions are elected; some are appointed)
  • After the announcement of Patrol composition by the Scoutmaster, the election for Troop positions will be held.
  • Scouts who are candidates for an elected role will be asked to give a 2-3 minute statement covering 3 points:
    1. Why are they interested in taking on that role?
    2. What skills do they believe they bring to that role?
    3. What skills they will need to learn to succeed at that role?
  • After Troop elections are concluded, the Troop will break into Patrols and each Patrol will conduct Patrol elections for Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader
  • After the elections, the Scoutmasters and the newly elected Senior Patrol Leader will make decisions on Appointed Positions

Thank you for your participation in helping the Troop continue to improve and thrive!