About Our Troop

Welcome to Glencoe Troop 28!

Troop 28 is one of the oldest Boy Scout troops in the Chicago area and in the country, tracing its heritage back to 1912.

Since 2023, Troop 28 has partnered with Winnetka’s Troop 18 to host troop meetings, outings, and service projects. For 2023-2024, the combined troops will meet every other week, usually at Winnetka’s Christ Church on Maple Avenue. Troop meetings will be every other Wednesday in September and October, then will move to Monday evenings in November due to constraints outside of the troops’ control. Please visit the troop calendar for the latest details.

The troop’s primary goal is to exemplify the scouting ideal of a “scout-led troop.” A central principle of scouting is that a well-run troop is run for and by the scouts who belong to it. The adult leaders assist the scouts with planning and funding activities, troop organization, and advancement—but the scouts themselves make these things happen. As with any learning process, we expect occasional inefficiencies and short-term difficulties… and are rewarded when we see our kids developing important life skills such as responsibility and leadership.

We encourage (but do not require) scouts to participate in the BSA Advancement program where scouts learn life skills and earn merit badges to advance through the Scouts BSA ranks from Scout to Eagle. Many scouts find that they are able to advance simply by doing what scouts do – camping, and attending meetings and activities – so that if and when they are ready to pursue Advancement more methodically, they already have a strong foundation.

Troop 18 and 28 includes scouts aged 11 to 17 years of age, with a wide variety of scouting and non-scouting interests and talents including musicians, thespians, varsity athletes, debaters, and more. As a smaller troop, there are plenty of opportunities for scouts to mentor and be mentored by older scouts. In recent years, the vast majority of scouts in our troop who remain active into high school has targeted and achieved Eagle rank. Troop 28 has scouts who have achieved Eagle every year, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 16 scouts recognized as Eagle scouts between 2017 and 2023.

The troop provides a variety of ways for scouts to grow and advance through weekly meetings, outdoor adventures, service projects, and leadership opportunities, and by facilitating Troop 28 scouts' participation in third-party programs such as merit badge programs, summer and High Adventure camps, and other scouting activities like the local Council’s competitive First Aid Meet and Klondike Derby. You can get a sense of our upcoming activities by viewing Troop 28's current calendar of events, or by viewing our list of past activities or photo galleries.

Troop 28 relies on parent involvement to help the scouts flourish. Troop parents serve as adult leaders, help with transportation and chaperoning for weekend activities, serve on the troop committee that supports the troop, and offer their vocational and avocational knowledge as merit badge counselors. Volunteering is a great way to watch the scouts grow up (from a respectable distance!) while getting to hang out with a great group of fellow scouting parents.

We invite you to get a better sense for Troop 28 by attending a meeting or two, and maybe joining us on one of our monthly outings.

For more information, learn about how to join the troop, or if you’re ready to register, please visit our new scout checklist. If you have any questions or would like to try out a meeting or outing, please reach out at any time to [email protected] or [email protected]. Welcome!