New Scout Checklist

Welcome to Troop 28!

Please complete the checklist below to get started with Troop 28!  If you are still trying to decide or would just like to learn more about what’s involved, please visit our Join Us and About Us pages.

Troop 28 is part of the BSA (formerly “Boy Scouts of America”). As such, new scouts must register and pay dues both with BSA national and with the troop. Due to changes in the BSA registration process, we cannot combine these steps. Scouts are expected to wear a scout uniform to scouting events, and are required to complete BSA-required medical forms to participate in overnight outings.

Last, we encourage all parents (and scouts) to subscribe to the troop calendar. At least one parent is required to be on the troop email list, and we ask that at least one parent complete the BSA’s online Youth Protection Training.

See below for details.

Dues and Financial Assistance Overview
In order to be a member of Troop 28, your scout must be registered with BSA.  This registration allows your scout’s advancement to be tracked for any aspiring Eagle scouts, and ensures that your scout is covered by BSA’s liability insurance during any Troop 28 or other authorized scouting activities.  We also ask that families register with our troop directly so we have needed contact information and troop dues, which subsidize activities and materials.

BSA National and Council fees consist of:

  • $25 for first-time BSA scouts
  • Annual dues ($66 in 2021, prorated by month)
  • $9 Council insurance fee
  • $12 annual subscription to Scouts’ Life magazine (optional)

Troop dues for 2020-2021 were $150 for a full year, $65 for scouts joining after January 1st, 2021 (discounted to $60 through April 15th).

Financial assistance is available through Friends of Glencoe Scouting and through Northeast Illinois Council.  Friends of Glencoe Scouting offers discounted dues and activity fees. The Council offers financial assistance for uniforms, BSA dues, and “camperships” for summer camps, so no scout should have to miss out due to financial constraints. Please reach out in confidence to to request information on how to join the troop and apply for financial assistance.

1a. Register with BSA (Currently Registered Cub Scout)
In order to be a member of Troop 28, your scout must be registered with BSA (formerly “Boy Scouts of America”). This registration allows your scout’s advancement to be tracked for any aspiring Eagle scouts, and ensures that your scout is covered by BSA’s liability insurance during any Troop 28 or other authorized scouting activities.

If your scout is CURRENTLY registered with another BSA unit (including a Cub Scout pack), please do NOT complete an online application, and instead, follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete a paper Youth Application Make sure to sign and date it. If you know your child’s BSA ID number, please include it.
  2. Sign, scan it and email it to for the Scoutmaster to sign.
  3. The troop will then forward your application to the BSA. This process may take a up to a few weeks due to staff reductions at BSA National due to the pandemic. However, NEIC requests paper applications for any transfers to make sure your scout doesn’t end up with two accounts created in the system.
  4. There will be fees due to the BSA/Council which will be prorated by the month you join.  We will let you know how to submit payment by cash/credit card once the Council lets us know the amount due.
1b. Register with BSA (All Other Scouts)
In order to be a member of Troop 28, your scout must be registered with BSA (formerly “Boy Scouts of America”). This registration allows your scout’s advancement to be tracked for any aspiring Eagle scouts, and ensures that your scout is covered by BSA’s liability insurance during any Troop 28 or other authorized scouting activities.

Please email for assistance.

  1. Start at the BSA site and find Troop 28, Glencoe, Illinois (St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church). Click on Apply Now to begin.
  2. If you had a scout previously registered, please log in with your My.scouting account (or try to reset password with the email address you would have used previously).
  3. Start the application for a Youth member.
  4. If your child was previously active with any BSA program (another troop, Cub Scouts, Venture Scouts, or otherwise), please enter his youth member ID number. If you do not remember the youth member ID number, please click on the small question mark in a circle and use the search feature to look it up. Please be careful of spelling (using a nickname or middle name may result in a second account being created for your scout). If your scout was previously active and you are unable to locate their information, please email for assistance.
  5. Complete the application.  Complete/update the scout’s information then complete/update your parent information (log in using the same email address as before if you were previously registered).
  6. If you cannot recall your account, please try your most likely email address(es) and try resetting the password.  Or contact the troop new family coordinator for assistance.
  7. When you get the last screen, you will be prompted to submit payment for dues.  Please go ahead and pay the BSA and Council fees as calculated by the online application system. BSA operates on a calendar year basis and fees are prorated by month (see Dues and Financial Assistance Overview, above, for more details).
  8. Please let the recruiting coordinator know when you have submitted the application so we can track it.  This registration process takes a few days.
2. Pay Troop Dues

Each year, the troop collects dues to help defray the cost of troop-provided items (Class B T-shirt, troop neckerchief and slide, scout handbook) and to help subsidize troop costs for activities and outings.

Please click here to pay your troop dues — full year if joining in the fall, or part-year dues if joining in the spring.  While you are paying dues, you may wish to purchase a canvas handbook cover.  We keep a small number of items of the most frequently used stock in troop inventory in Glencoe to save parents from having to order online or visit the Scout Store in Vernon Hills. We charge the same retail price for items, but charge a $2 handling fee per order.

Once dues payments are received, your scout will receive a BSA Scout Handbook and Class B T-shirt.  A troop neckerchief and slide will be presented at the troop’s next quarterly Court of Honor.

Financial assistance is available for scouting related expenses including dues, outing fees, and uniform items via Friends of Glencoe Scouting and through NEIC (please see above under Dues and Financial Assistance Overview for more details).

3. Fill Out Your Medical Forms

All scouts attending troop or BSA overnights are required to provide a copy of BSA Medical Forms A and B each year.  Form A includes an activities waiver, and Form B is a self-reported medical statement (no doctor’s signature is required).

In addition, scouts should attach copies of the front and back of their current medical insurance card.

Please send your completed medical forms and direct any medical form questions to the troop Youth Protection Champion at

Tip: Keep a copy of your medical form before submitting.  If there are no changes, minimal changes, you can just amend as needed and attach a new Form A rather than completing from scratch.

Scouts planning to attend week-long summer camp will also need to provide a copy of BSA Medical Form C dated within 12 months of the campout date, which will require a doctor’s signature.

4. Buy a Uniform Shirt

Scouts are expected to wear a Class A (“dress uniform” beige shirt) to all Scout meetings, en route to troop campouts, and to all non-troop Scouting activities (e.g., Council Klondike Derby, First Aid Meet, merit badge days, summer camp), including most virtual events.

A typical youth shirt will run about $35, with the insignia adding another $5-10.  Sewing from the patch services is about $5 as well, and local seamstresses may charge as much as $10.  If you require financial assistance in securing a uniform, please contact the troop Treasurer or Financial Assistance Coordinator in confidence to make a request.

Please visit the Troop 28 Uniform Guidelines page for more information on what to buy, where to buy, required patches, patch placement, sewing assistance, and financial assistance.

5. Engage as a Parent

New scout parents are not required to submit the following but may wish to do so to participate in troop activities. Specifically, we always need parents to drive and chaperone scouts at campouts and other activities (especially during the current pandemic where social distancing restricts the number of participants in cars and on campsites).

Youth Protection Training

BSA takes youth protection very seriously. Consequently BSA National requires adults who participate in overnight activities to complete Youth Protection Training and to provide medical forms and a health insurance card.  Troop 28 asks all parents to complete online YPT training my.scouting.orgIt consists of about an hour of videos to help you recognize signs of abuse either while acting as a chaperone, or as a parent.  Instructions for completing the training can be found here.  Please send your completion certificate and direct any YPT questions to the troop Youth Protection Champion at

When taking YPT, if you have a Scoutbook account, or you previously have had a BSA registered account, please use the same login email as you used previously.  If you are not sure, please contact the Advancement Chair for more details.

Adult Medical Forms

Adults participating in overnights also need to complete Medical Forms A and B (see above for mode details) and submit the front and back of a current medical insurance card. (Keep a copy for your own reference and to facilitate renewal paperwork). Please send your completed forms and direct any medical form questions to the troop Youth Protection Champion at

Adult Registration

Parents interested in serving as Assistant Scoutmasters or on the Parent Committee are asked to reach out to the troop’s Committee Chair (for Parent Committee) or Scoutmaster (for ASM) for more information and to complete a BSA Adult Application.  The troop covers adult leader registration fees.

Note: Registering as an adult with the BSA requires a background check; if you are not comfortable providing your SSN in writing, you can call the local council, NEIC, for more details on how to securely provide the information by phone.

6. Stay Up to Date

This troop website at is the best place for known information about the troop and is home to the troop’s official calendar.

If you want to subscribe to the troop calendar on a mobile device or in a productivity application like Microsoft Outlook, please scan the QR code below or use the following URL:

7. Consider Optional Gear

As your scout participates in campouts and other activities, you may find there are other items that you may wish to purchase. The single most useful item will be the canvas handbook cover.  Since the scout handbook is used extensively as reference and for tracking advancement requirements, it takes a beating. It is often outdoors at campgrounds in inclement weather.  A cover can be purchased from the Scout Shop in Vernon Hills, from, or from the troop inventory.

When preparing for outings, you can refer to the troop’s camping resources page for general suggestions on what to pack. Trips that have special gear requirements/suggestions (e.g., a cycling helmet or skis) will list those items on the trip information sheet provided at time of sign-up.