Troop 28 Guide for Guest/First-Time Campers

Whether you are new to Troop 28, a prospective scout, or attending a family/sibling campout, please follow the guidelines below to attend a Troop 28 campout.

Fill Out Medical Forms for All Participants

All scouts, parents, and guests attending troop or BSA overnights are required to provide a copy of BSA Medical Forms A and B once each year along with copies of the front and back of their current medical insurance card.

Form A includes an activities waiver, and Form B is a self-reported medical statement (no doctor's signature is required).

Please send your completed medical forms and direct any medical form questions to the troop Youth Protection Champion at [email protected]. Please let the YPT champion know that you/your child are participating in the campout as a guest(s).

Tip: If you anticipate possibly attending future campouts (as a guest or future member of Troop 28), please keep a copy of your medical form before submitting.  If there are no changes, minimal changes, you can just amend as needed and attach a new Form A rather than completing from scratch.

What to Do/Pack

During the week prior to each troop campout (usually at the Monday night meeting immediately prior to the campout, though there may be exceptions if Monday is a holiday), the trip youth attendees will plan the meals and youth responsibilities for the campout. Some activity planning or key skills education may take place at that meeting as well. For example, before a climbing trip, the troop may discuss climbing safety.  Guests may be assigned to a “patrol” which is a smaller group of scouts who will plan their meals and share responsibilities during the trip.  Parents, especially those who are attending the trip, are encouraged to come to this meeting to learn about any activities, coordinate directions, or learn more about the upcoming trip.

When preparing for outings, you can refer to the troop's camping resources page for general suggestions on what to pack. Trips that have special gear requirements/suggestions (e.g., a cycling helmet or skis) will list those items on the trip information sheet provided at time of sign-up.

Troop tents are available for scout, guest, and parent use. Some scouts and families prefer to bring their own tents and that is encouraged if your family already owns a tent(s).  You do NOT need to go out and buy a tent to participate in troop campouts.

All scouts are asked to bring their own sleeping bag, clothes, refillable water bottle, and a personal mess kit. The mess kit should include a plate, utensils, and a cup or bowl. Families experiencing financial hardship and needing assistance with sleeping bags or other essential gear are encouraged to reach out to the troop Financial Assistance Coordinator.

While not required, a head lamp is highly recommended as it allows the scouts to be active at night, without holding a flashlight.  Hiking boots are also recommended for longer hikes, but many scouts do without until they are more committed to outdoor adventures.

Additional gear is optional for guests, including Class A and B scout shirts, the scout handbook, a personal first aid kit, and pocket knives, a compass, or a firestarter (though  many guess will choose to bring these items along if the have them).

Additional Information for Adult Guests (OPTIONAL)

Adult campers are always welcome at Troop 28 campouts. For first-time campers, it can be reassuring to have an adult nearby. However, keep in mind that scouts are generally self-sufficient during the campouts. While adults are always nearby to ensure the scouts' safety or to answer questions, the adult volunteers typically cook, dine, and socialize in their own “patrol” to give the scouts space to teach, learn, and be themselves.

Also note: BSA takes youth protection very seriously, especially on campouts. BSA National requires adults who participate in overnight activities to complete Youth Protection Training, so all of Troop 28's adult leaders will be YPT-trained. It consists of about an hour of videos to help you recognize signs of abuse either while acting as a chaperone, or as a parent.

YPT is optional but recommended for guest adults. However, if your Scout has registered for Troop 28, we ask at least one parent from each family to complete YPT to help keep all our scouts safe.  Please see our New Scout Checklist for more information.

If you are a Cub Scout parent and already have your YPT, it is valid for two years and will still be valid if your scout decides to join Troop 28.

If you are not already YPT-trained and are interested in learning more about how BSA and parents can help keep scouts safe both on campouts and in life, instructions for completing the web-based program can be found here.

If you complete or have already completed YPT, you can send your completion certificate any YPT questions to the troop Youth Protection Champion at [email protected].  If your scout is not yet registered, please let the YPT champion know that you are participating in the campout as a guest adult.

When taking YPT, if you have a Scoutbook account, or you previously have had a BSA registered account, please use the same login email as you used previously. This will also be the account you use to register your scout if you have not already done so.