For Parents

Active parents help ensure that troops thrive.  Boy Scouts is one of the few activities where parents can enjoy activities with their children, without getting “in their way.”  In an active, boy-led troop, adults help facilitate and ensure that the scouts remain safe while enjoying the opportunity to self-manage.

There are a few expectations for all Troop 28 parents:

  • Troop Email List: Enroll at least one parent in the troop email list. BSA prohibits adult leader-to-scout communications without a second adult (preferably the parent) on the email. We also use the troop email list to communicate important details privately (e.g., family contact information, Zoom meeting info), so it is important that at least one parent receive these communications.
  • YPT:  Troop 28 asks that at least one parent from each family take the BSA’s Youth Protection Training program.  BSA requires YPT for any parents participating on troop outings. Troop 28 asks that one parent from each family complete the one-hour webinar to reinforce the troop’s core value of keeping scouts safe.
  • Fundraisers:  The troop annually holds two fundraisers (a spring Spaghetti Dinner and winter holiday sale).  The troop relies on these events to help give back to our community and to subsidize troop events.  Each fundraiser requires scout and adult participation to succeed, so we ask that you support the troop by signing up for parent shifts and ensuring your scouts meet their troop obligations.
  • Support your scout: The BSA scouting program has many opportunities for growth built into the program. Many expect scouts to take leadership in communicating with adults and learning life skills. This is a safe place for scouts to learn, fail, and improve.

Ways to get involved:

Become a merit badge counselor
Coming soon!
Join the Troop Parent Committee
Coming soon!
Participate in a Board of Review
Coming soon!
Chaperone a Troop Meeting, Weekend Outing, Service Activity
Coming soon!
Chaperone week-long resident Summer Camp
Coming soon!

Have something you would like to share that is not covered above? Reach out and let us know!