Patch Sewing

IMPORTANT!  While you may be able to get away with using “Badge Magic” style adhesive to affix merit badges, it's discouraged. And adhesive is HIGHLY discouraged for any shirt insignia. 

Most scouts keep their shirts for years and will wear them a LOT.  Scouting activities are often outdoors and physically active, so these shirts will get wet, muddy, and sweaty and will need to hold up through countless washing cycles, and the adhesive simply will not hold up. Scouts are hard on their scout shirts, so sewing is definitely the way to go.

If you are comfortable with a needle and thread, you are welcome to sew on the patches yourself or you can go to your favorite local seamstress (e.g., at a dry cleaner's), or use one of three local services who specialize in patch-sewing.  These home-based services specialize in scout uniform patches, and will typically be more cost-effective than a local dry cleaner and will also know more than most parents about appropriate patch placement (there have been a few occasions where multiple badges have had to be removed and re-sewn because of poor placement by local dry cleaners).

The full set of new-scout patches will typically cost $8-10 from the patch services. There are services based in Vernon Hills and Lake Forest, and we are lucky to have a new Glencoe-based service who is interested in helping our scouts.

To reach Laurie Honor in Glencoe, please contact her directly at (847) 373-4099; she serves Glencoe and non-Glencoe based scouts.  This is the process:

  • Detach any identifying cards or certificates stapled to the patches (e.g., for Rank patches, Merit Badges, or troop awards).  Please keep the Rank and Merit Badge certificates for your records.  The patch services may charge extra for removing cards.
  • Write a note or complete an order form indicating what you would like done. If you want Merit Badges in a particular order, please say so.  Please include contact information in case there are any questions.
  • Enclose cash to cover your purchase.  It is best to include $3-5 extra dollars (round up) to avoid having to make extra trips.  The patch service will make change.
  • Place patches in a shirt pocket or Ziploc-style along with your order form or note.
  • Place all items in a bag and tie or fold shut if possible.  Please include the shirt, sash, patches, and note.  If including orders for more than one scout or scout and parent, please use a separate bag for each order (you can combine payment; just note it on your note/form). Please include cash for payment.
  • Leave the bag in the unattended drop box (on the driveway side of the house) and wait for instructions for pick up time.

If you need the patches by a certain date (e.g., for an Eagle Board of Review), please reach out in advance to make sure she can accommodate your timeline and are watching out for your order. If she is unable to meet your timetable, please reach out to the troop Advancement Chair for contact information for the alternative services.