Troop 28 History

Troop 28 is one of the oldest Boy Scout troops in the country and in the Chicago area. The Troop has been active since the 1920s. It is sponsored by St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church in Glencoe, but is entirely non-denominational. In January 2009, Glencoe Boy Scout Troops 23 and 24 merged to form Troop 28 in order to offer the Scouts of Glencoe a more comprehensive Scouting program than either Troop alone could provide.

Glencoe Historical Society has put together a terrific and comprehensive history of scouting in Glencoe:

Boy Scouting in Glencoe is almost as old as the movement itself.

U.S. Boy Scouting began in 1910. Troop 22 at the Glencoe Union church was started in 1912 – just two years later.

Because of a recent question that came into the Research Center, the volunteer staff looked into the history of Boy Scouting in the village. The question was sent from the Northeast Illinois Boy Scouts of America Council for this region, seeking to know when the first Boy Scout Troop was established in Glencoe. As the region prepares for an anniversary, staffers there wanted to get their facts straight.

Staffer Peggy Hamil, Glencoe’s former Public Library Executive Director and historical society volunteer, took the question and ran with it, researching through the minutes of the Glencoe Men’s Club in 1912 – did you even know there was such a group? The historical society holds a significant collection of minutes and attendance records from the group, which is, obviously, out of business now. She also went through the records on Boy Scouting, of which GHS has a lot as well: scrapbooks, minutes books and a large number of artifacts including Scout camping equipment and badges.

The following is a summation of what she found in a couple of mornings of looking through archives, artifacts and material, much of it collected when the GHS mounted a Boy Scouting exhibit “Saluting Glencoe Boy Scouts,” in Fall 2009.

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