last revised June 24, 2020

The list of merit badge counselors includes all Troop 28 counselors as well as other Glencoe-based counselors; all are registered with NEIC. The troop tries to ensure we have at least one registered counselor for each of the common Eagle-required merit badges.

Scouts are encouraged to work with a variety of merit badge counselors in different settings. If no Glencoe or troop counselor is available for the badge you are interested, you can work with any of hundreds of counselors registered with NEIC (or any council of BSA).  NEIC maintains a list on their Merit Badge Counselor page. The same information can be found in Scoutbook.

Note: The troop Advancement Chair also maintains a list of local merit badge counselors (within 3-5 miles driving distance) who have worked with Troop 28 scouts, so if you would like a recommendation for a counselor, please reach out to the Advancement Chair or Scoutmaster for suggestions.

Eagle-Required Merit Badges
Badge Counselor(s)
Camping Jeff Heftman
Citizenship in the Community Scott Bakal, Jeff Heftman, Linda Lin
Citizenship in the Nation Scott Bakal, Jeff Heftman
Citizenship in the World Scott Bakal, Jeff Heftman, Deborah Barr
Communication Ben Miller
Cooking Laura Lutton, Linda Lin, Andy Barr
Cycling OPEN
Emergency Preparedness John Howard, Ben Miller
Environmental Science OPEN
Family Life Andrew Hayek, Deborah Barr
First Aid John Howard
Hiking OPEN
Lifesaving* None*
Personal Fitness Nicole Hayek, Andy Barr
Sustainability OPEN
Swimming* None*

*Note: The BSA has special requirements for the Swimming and Lifesaving merit badge to ensure scout safety. These badges also have a significant “demonstrate” portion that requires access to water and rescue gear. For these reasons, the best ways for scouts to complete these badges are at BSA resident summer camps, in Glenview through OLPH’s Tuesday BSA Swim Night program, or by attending a “sign-off” only session. Please see the Swimming Merit Badge resource page for more information.

Elective Merit Badges
Counselor Merit Badge(s)
Andy Barr American Business, Athletics, Geology, Salesmanship
Deborah Barr American Heritage, Art, Photography
Scott Bakal Law
Jeff Heftman Law
John Howard Fire Safety, Medicine, Safety, Public Speaking, Public Health
Linda Lin Digital Technology, Journalism, Music, Photography,
Public Speaking, Reading, Scholarship, Skating
Laura Lutton Geocaching
Ben Miller Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Home Repairs, Safety, Snow Sports