Boy Scout Handbook, 13th Edition




IMPORTANT! This item is offered as a courtesy to scouts and parents of Troop 28. THESE ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO BE SHIPPED.  Any invalid orders will be refunded less the PayPal transaction fee (which will is are not recoverable by the troop).

Note: When new scouts join the Scouts BSA program through Troop 28, they will be provided a copy of the scout handbook for their reference. If they lose their handbook, they can order a replacement through this website.

Also, as of February 1, 2019, there are now two new variations on the 13th edition of the Scout Handbook. Depending on when you purchase your handbook, you may get the old multi-colored canoeing cover, or one of the new solid covered handbooks. All three variations are current and equivalent. There is some basic information below from a Bryan on Scouting article that summarizes some of the changes you will see coming up:

Why are there two different handbooks?

The volunteer-led board of directors wanted to ensure Scouts can see themselves represented accurately in the pages, and having two handbooks was the most effective way to do that.

The photos reflect the troop of which the Scout is a member. In other words, boys will see images of other boys in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys; girls will see images of other girls in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls.

Is the content the same between the Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys and the Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

Yes, the content, requirements and page numbers are exactly the same. All that’s different is the photos.