Tuesday Night Boy Scout Swim Night in Glenview returns in October 2022

The Tuesday Night swim program at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview is one of the best ways for Glencoe scouts to complete the Swimming or Lifesaving Merit Badge, or to complete the Aquatics rank requirements for First Class and Second Class. Other alternatives include BSA Summer Camps, finding a “testing-only” session, or working with a local merit badge counselor. Scouts needing practice and/or instruction are especially encouraged to look into the BSA Tuesday Night Swim Program.

Glenview OLPH 2022-2023 Flyer


Tuesday BSA Swim Night

Note: all the information below applies to the Lifesaving Merit Badge as well as Swimming. BSA volunteers have been hosting BSA Tuesday Night Swim at the Playdium at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview since 1960. The Playdium pool at OLPH is humanely warm and changing facilities are available. Carpooling from Glencoe is encouraged. This program does not require advanced registration, nor do the organizers have a website. Many troops and scouting resources pages (e.g., the Illinois Merit Badge Finder) will often publish their flyers when the new dates are announced.   The information below is excerpted/lightly edited for legibility from their 2022-2023 flyer:

In general, the BSA Tuesday Night Swim program meets for three sessions of 10 weeks each throughout the school year, with starting dates in mid-October, early January, and mid-March. Scouts pursuing Swimming or Lifesaving Merit Badges attend from 8-9pm and receive extensive, in-water instruction, unless the merit badge counselor requests they attend the Learn to Swim session from 7-8pm to work on skills and or endurance.

  • The “dip fee” is $40 for all ten weeks.
  • All scouts and non-scout siblings welcome
  • At the first week of each session, ALL participants take a swim test for Swimming Instruction. Beginners not wanting to take the test, may simply start at the beginners level.  Based on the initial swim test, scouts will be placed in their ability groups
  • Please make sure to bring a completed, signed (by unit leader) Blue Card the first night.
  • Note: all instructors are volunteers – and more volunteers are always welcome!

Note: The entrance is not easy to find if you have never been there (especially on the first night if you are attending the Winter session). Please click here for a map and photos showing the pool (natatorium) entrance.

Lifesaving Merit Badge
Scouts wishing to take Lifesaving must first complete their Swimming Merit Badge.  The LIfesaving and Swimming programs in Glenview cannot be completed concurrently, but can be done in sequence.

Aquatics Merit Badges at Summer Camp
BSA's resident summer camps like Ma-ka-ja-wan Scout Reservation are the other easiest way for scouts to earn the Swimming Merit Badge.  During a week-long camp program, scouts will have plenty of opportunity to practice swimming skills, learn about aquatics safety, and demonstrate their mastery. These badges are usually completed during a summer camp and many scouts enjoy taking these badges outdoors with many of their peers.
Aquatics Rank Requirements and 'Test-Only' Sessions
Packs, Troops or individuals seeking only Aquanaut, BSA Swim Test or First and Second Class requirements can make arrangements to come at 8pm any BSA Tuesday Swim Night (see details above) during any session (other than the first week of any session) to get signed off on the rank advancement Aquatics requirements. Scouts should come with a Scout Handbook and be prepared to complete Beginner and Swimmer Test requirements.  Minimal instruction will be available on swimming, though some guidance and teaching will be available on rescue techniques and safety topics. Scouts unable to complete the Swimmer test are welcome to work on skills and retest, or are encouraged to sign up for a full swim session.

Scouts with Swimming Merit Badge partial blue cards from summer camp or other programs are also welcome to contact the BSA Tuesday Swim Night organizers to demonstrate any missing requirements. Troops and Crews needing swim tests for merit badge pre-requisites, rank requirements, high adventure camps, or otherwise should make arrangements with:

To make arrangements to complete a BSA Beginner or Swimmer Test, aquatics rank requirements or to complete a partial blue card can reach out to Dan Baltudis the program’s BSA Aquatics Director.

Scouts who are already proficient swimmers (e.g., members of a swim club or team) who do not require any instruction are encouraged to reach out to the Advancement chair to find out if there are any “testing only” sessions coming up.  There are a few troops that occasionally host these sessions, including Troop 12 in New Lenox, IL. While there is often a discussion of safety and rescue methods, there is generally NO swim instruction at these sessions, so scouts are expected to come ready to demonstrate the requisite strokes. These programs may only be offered once every year or two.  Scouts may also reach out to arrange a sign-off session at a local public or private swimming pool.