If you have not yet completed your First Class orienteering requirements, one of the best ways to do so is to attend a Chicago Area Orienteering Club meet.  The CAOC hosts monthly meets in the greater Chicago/southern Wisconsin area on Sunday mornings and always feature a course appropriate for beginners.

The basics of orienteering are very simple. Most people believe orienteering is a compass sport; it is really a map sport. The skill is in matching the map to the terrain around you. CAOC offers a beginner’s class at 9:30 a.m. at every meet. The 15-minute class is repeated as needed throughout the morning.

CAOC is hosting an event on Sunday, November 10th at Harms Woods in Northbrook. This is the most geographically convenient meet in 2019, so is a great option for anyone hoping to complete this requirement.

If you need this requirement but are not available on November 10th, you can use the permanent orienteering course at Waterfall Glen in Darien at any time. If you plan to complete this course on your own, please reach out to the Advancement Chair to borrow the troop activity kit and to make this opportunity to as many scouts as possible.