Advancement FAQ

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Advancement Overview

What is Advancement?

How do you Advance?

Rank Advancement

What are ranks?

When should I have a Scoutmaster Conference?

When should I request a Board of Review?

I have my Rank patch, do I still need my Merit Badge certificate or handbook requirements pages?

I’m having trouble completing one of the requirements. What do I do?

I’m not sure I want to be an Eagle? Do I still need to work on Advancement?

Merit Badges

What are Merit Badges?

What is the role of Merit Badges?

What are the Eagle-requirement Merit Badges?

How do you earn Merit Badges?

  • Single-topic Workshops
  • Merit Badge Universities
  • Self-study (or work with a friend) with a Counselor

How do I find a Merit Badge Counselor?

How do I decide what badges to work on?

I have enough for Eagle — should I stop?

Advancement Records

I have my Merit Badge, do I still need my Blue Card or Merit Badge certificate?

Do I need to keep any of the items associated with my completed work?

See also Scoutbook 101


What are BSA awards?

How do I find out more about the NOVA awards?

How do I find out more about my faith’s religious emblem(s)?

Boards of Review

Who needs a Board of Review?

Who can sit on a Board of Review?

When are Boards of Review held?

How do I prepare for a Board of Review?

Courts of Honor

What is a Court of Honor?

What happens if I don’t finish a Rank/Merit Badge in time for a Court of Honor?