Please complete the form below to help create a short list of possible patrol names for your patrol to vote on.  Click here for a list of available patches.

Please list your three (3) choices in order of preference (favorite one first).  Keep in mind the guidelines for a good patrol name (the adult leadership reserves the right to delete any names that might be potentially offensive or misinterpreted).

Please submit responses as soon as possible and no later than 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 23rd.

  • Please list your Top 3 Patrol Names and Patches in Order. You can choose from the available patches (e.g., Chupacabras, Angry Eagles, Flaming Marshmallows) or combine a patch with your own creative spin (change Flaming Marshmallows to Blazing Marshmallows, or Glow Hazard to Toxic Waste). If you make up your own name, please indicate your suggested patch in your response. For example: Blazing Marshmallows (Flaming Marshmallow patch)